Gearing up for a new project with construction, system repairs, system upgrades, system replacements, system maintenance, or looking to upgrade your design-build, Kelvic Construction has you covered! Utilizing the open-cut method and trench-less technology, Kelvic specializes (but is not limited to!) in the following scopes:

Design Build

Specializing in design-build projects, Kelvic Construction Company Inc. can accommodate all of your project needs. Positioning our team agreements with high caliber engineering firms, we have maintained a competitive pricing structure that you won’t see elsewhere.

Water Systems

• All Size Mains
• Fire Department Connections
• Service Laterals
• Backflow Prevention Systems
• System Upgrades
• System Replacements

Sanitary Systems

• All Size Gravity Mains
• All Size Forced Mains
• Lift Stations
• Service Laterals
• System Upgrades
• System Replacements

Storm Systems & Drainage

• All Size Storm Drainage Systems
• Storm Water Management (SWM) Pond Systems
• Roof Drains
• Trench Drains
• Storm Filters
• BioSystems
• System Upgrades
• System Replacements

Conduit/Duct Banks

• Direct Bury
• Power And Telecom Distribution Conduit For Commercial, Industrial, And Residential Construction
• Service Laterals
• Installation Of Vaults
• Streetlight Installation
• Proofing Of Conduit
• Repairs


• Maintenance Of All The Previously Listed Items
• Storm Filter Maintenance
• Manhole Maintenance
• CCTV Inspections
• Vacuum Testing
• Pressure Testing
• Flow Testing
• Flushing
• Vactor Truck Services

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Kelvic Construction prides itself on the ability to confidently offer our services in a wide variety of markets which include but are not limited to:

  • Military Installations
  • Commercial Property
  • Residential Infrastructure
  • Municipalities
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Private Operators
  • Transmission
  • Government Facilities