At Kelvic Construction


Core Values

• Always Doing The Right Thing
• Treat Everyone Respectfully
• Work Together
• Be Truthful Always


• Customers Come First
• Be A Good Stewart
• Keep It Simple
• Never Quit

“All work is a process”

Within this concept are four absolutes of Quality Management,  which is the core values of a Kelvic Construction Company team member:


Continued improvement of the highest quality, cost-efficient services by providing an experienced, dependable management and workforce team to achieve total satisfaction from our customers and employees. To continue this focus on one of our core values, Kelvic Construction is responsible for strengthening our reputation as a quality contract company providing excellent service to each and every client.

Kelvic Construction Company has adopted a quality process that exceeds our competitors. To be successful, quality must be the only result of our organizations’ policies and actions. We promise our clients an active commitment to quality at all stages of a project, we believe in “doing the right thing the first time.” We have a network of incredible workers, suppliers, and loyal customers with putting this philosophy first.

#1: The Definition of Quality

Quality is defined as conformance to requirements. Any service or process that conforms to its requirements is a quality service or process.  If requirements are not met, a non-conformance exists. With that, we guarantee client happiness by putting the client’s needs first.

#3: Performance Standard

The performance standard will be “ZERO DEFECTS”. Our company satisfaction comes once the clients’ needs have been met and all project requirements are completed with excellence and grace each and every time.

#2: The System of Quality

The system for causing quality is prevention. Prevention occurs in the design of a process. It requires communication, detailed planning, proofing, and working upfront to eliminate opportunities for non-conformance.

#4: Measurement of Quality

The measurement of quality is the “Price of Non-Conformance”. We measure quality by calculating the price of waste. Wasted time, wasted effort, wasted material, and lost customers. We strive to eliminate waste by producing a monetary figure that will be used to direct efforts to improve and measure the improvement.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

— John Maxwell