Business Definition

Continue to improve the high quality, cost efficient services by providing an experienced, dependable management and workforce team to achieve total satisfaction from our customers and employees. Continual focus in these areas will provide responsible growth and financial return which will strengthen our reputation as a quality contractor.


Kelvic Construction Company has adopted a quality process that can be managed. To be successful, quality must be the result of our organization’s policy and actions. An active commitment to quality helps us to “do things right the first time”, and in return will improve relationships with workers, suppliers and our customers.

“All work is a process” – Within this concept are four absolutes of Quality Management, which everyone at Kelvic Construction Company will learn to understand the same way:

          #1: The Definition of Quality

 Quality is defined as conformance to requirements. Any service or process that conforms to its requirements is a quality service or process.  If requirements are not met, a non-conformance exists.


          #2: The System of Quality

The system for causing quality is prevention. Prevention occurs in the design of a process. It requires communicating, planning, proofing and working up front to eliminate opportunities for non-conformance.


          #3: Performance Standard

The performance standard will be “ZERO DEFECTS”. We will be satisfied only when we meet the requirements for our customers and our work processes each and every time.


          #4: Measurement of Quality

The measurement of quality is the “Price of non-conformance”. We will measure quality by calculating the price of waste. Wasted time, effort, material and lost customers produce a monetary figure that will be used to direct efforts to improve and measure the improvement.

 Core Values

  • Always do the right thing

  • Treat everyone respectfully

  • Work together

  • Be Truthful Always

  • Take care of your customers

  • Be a good steward

  • Keep it simple

  • Never quit

Leadership Principles

  • Create a vision for your area of responsibility

  • Surround yourself with winners

  • Lead by example

  • Plan ahead

  • Let people know what is expected

  • Promote a results-oriented team

  • Encourage, value & develop people

  • Expect great results & provide feedback

  • Listen carefully and then communicate openly

  • Reward success

  • Keep improving

  • Have Fun